Drought Garden exhibition at CCA Andratx

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01.10.16 – 04.12.16
CCA Andratx cordially invites you to the opening of the exhibition on Saturday October, 1st at 12h at CCA ESPAI.

CCA Andratx is pleased to present the new exhibition by the resident artist on Mallorca Petrina Wright at the CCA Espai. The exhibitionDrought Garden comprises paintings, prints and installation objetcs and has its origins in the Mallorcan garden at the end of the Summer Every artwork will show everyday objects in combination with nature.

In Wright’s work, the colours, shapes and forms of the sun-dried garden are reduced to pattern and rearranged to make carpets of colour. The plants, birds and objects appear simplified in a vocabulary of motifs. These groups of objects, which are normally in groups of five, are arranged in a grid, which reflects the symmetry and mathematical arrangement seen in Islamic garden design.

The initial idea came after returning to the garden after a hot, dry Summer and seeing the shapes, colours and forms of the plants and objects that remain. These were clearly visible against the red earth or the grey path. The survivors of the drought seemed more important than the abundance of greenery in the garden during the rest of the year.

The installation piece consists of some of the man made forms depicted in the paintings. These everyday objects, like the buckets and boxes, reoccurred in different places in the garden, moving around and creating flashes of colour against the green of the plants or the grey paths and brown earth. They are arranged along a drawing of the garden path, which connects the studio to the house.