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“The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog”

My work is included in this online show which can be viewed until 18th January at www.cohort.art

www.cohort.art on line show
Blue crate, boundry marker, fish box, lemons, fig leaves olives, five black figs, yellow bucket,Ibiza cross, bird, seaweed from the shallows, green plant and covid red cross marker.


New work about the places where the land and sea meet. A collection of objects seen and remembered for the shape and colour, from the past and the present , turned around and mixed together. These are things I notice and select from a million observations each days a few become significant and memorable. The yellow fennel by the road side, the jacaranda tree in bloom , the red stripe of the goalpost, the lemons and the blue and white striped lighthouse , the port and starboard signs, a pomegranate bud fallen on the path, a yellow bucket of water and always the shape and sound of birds passing over.

Screen door, Ibiza cross, black olives, yellow lemons or marker buoys, ground doves, pink hair elastic, red covid marker, boats.

Drought Garden exhibition at CCA Andratx

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01.10.16 – 04.12.16
CCA Andratx cordially invites you to the opening of the exhibition on Saturday October, 1st at 12h at CCA ESPAI.

CCA Andratx is pleased to present the new exhibition by the resident artist on Mallorca Petrina Wright at the CCA Espai. The exhibitionDrought Garden comprises paintings, prints and installation objetcs and has its origins in the Mallorcan garden at the end of the Summer Every artwork will show everyday objects in combination with nature.

In Wright’s work, the colours, shapes and forms of the sun-dried garden are reduced to pattern and rearranged to make carpets of colour. The plants, birds and objects appear simplified in a vocabulary of motifs. These groups of objects, which are normally in groups of five, are arranged in a grid, which reflects the symmetry and mathematical arrangement seen in Islamic garden design.

The initial idea came after returning to the garden after a hot, dry Summer and seeing the shapes, colours and forms of the plants and objects that remain. These were clearly visible against the red earth or the grey path. The survivors of the drought seemed more important than the abundance of greenery in the garden during the rest of the year.

The installation piece consists of some of the man made forms depicted in the paintings. These everyday objects, like the buckets and boxes, reoccurred in different places in the garden, moving around and creating flashes of colour against the green of the plants or the grey paths and brown earth. They are arranged along a drawing of the garden path, which connects the studio to the house.

Seed Pods A photographic project

In February I worked with Mary Dodd in Florida on a collaborative project based on found natural forms. As I was unable to take the seed pods with me I made photographs to remind me of the combinations.

The way I presented these seed pods was inspired by Japanese art. I realised by good chance we were near enough to visit The Morikami Japanese cultural garden in Florida. This was a real treat and I feel is the start of further work for me based on Japanese  art and design in general.









I travelled on to  The Cayman Islands and worked with David Bridgeman on a new project. I still collected seed pods and photographed the results..this time I added a found object, a part of a shoe, which started me thinking about adding man made objects to the collections.




When I returned to Mallorca the idea continues with the flowers, seed pods and leaves from the flowering trees in Palma , Mallorca








The Patio…. A series of collages exploring shape and colour…

These collages are based on the shapes and forms of the garden patio in Mallorca. The table top, plants and shrubs, the red washing line and the black flower pot all appear here.
Im interested in the connection between the pieces sometimes just visually and in some cases the papers overlap and join the one beside it.

IMG_1208 IMG_1209 IMG_1210 IMG_1211 IMG_1212 IMG_1213 IMG_1215 IMG_1216 IMG_1217






IMG_1326 IMG_1325 IMG_1324 IMG_1323 IMG_1322 IMG_1321 IMG_1320 IMG_1319 IMG_1318 IMG_1317       IMG_1316 IMG_1315  IMG_1313


IMG_1773 (1) IMG_1774 (1) IMG_1775 (1) IMG_1777 (1)







IMG_1988  IMG_1990

IMG_1991  IMG_1978

Summer and time for the beach

These mixed media paintings were made after several visits to the beach at Portals Nous Mallorca.

There is a view point from the church on the cliff above the cove and the shimmering water is a spectacular sight.
The colours of the red canoes against the turquoise sea particularly interested me. This sight, together with the channel markers and flowers hanging on to the cliff edge, were the starting points for this series.

P1050291 P1050290 P1050289 P1050286 P1050287 P1050288 P1050285 P1050284 P1050283 P1050280 P1050281 P1050282


These are some collages I made using primed and painted canvas. The idea came from shapes and colours of the sea and boat related things..life belts, port and starboard signs and channel markers.

As the summer approaches and the garden dies off Im beginning to look at the water for ideas.

Rocking boats, Channel marker and Port sign. Mallorca









Robert Graves’s House project

I started to make work about Robert Graves’s garden after an inspiring visit last summer. I made some collages which were developed partly from memory and also from some sketches drawings. The ideas were put together quickly to capture the spirit of creativity I felt in this location.

P1060040 P1060041 P1060042 P1060043 P1060044 P1060045 P1060046 P1060048 P1060049

In the following winter I contacted William Graves about possible ideas for an art project based on the house and garden. It was at this time the idea of using the splendid Royal Albion press in the press room of the house was suggested. I gleefully returned to the garden to make some more detailed drawings in preparation for the Lino cuts. The series of five blocks were made over the winter and two of them I decided to enter for The Summer Exhibition 2015 at The Royal Academy in London.
The Mill Stone Table and the image of Robert Graves’s house were both accepted for the first and second round of judging and happily the print of Robert Graves’s House is to be hung this summer in the exhibition where prints from the edition of 100 will be for sale.

Rough proof of Robert Graves's House
Rough proof of Robert Graves’s House


The other prints in the series are as follows;

Rough proof of The Mill Stone Table in Robert Graves's Garden
Rough proof of
The Mill Stone Table in Robert Graves’s Garden

  Rough Proof of Bench by Len Lye. Robert Graves's garden
Rough Proof of Bench by Len Lye. Robert Graves’s garden

Rough proof of The vegetable patch..Robert Graves Garden
Rough proof of
The vegetable patch..Robert Graves Garden

Rough Proof Lara Ridings' Fountain  in Robert Graves's Garden
Rough Proof Lara Ridings’ Fountain in Robert Graves’s Garden